Stressed out

How to stay on top of your work-load at school

School can be annoying, buts whats even more annoying? Having teachers find you because you have over-due homework (Actually me) So some ways that I find easy to stay on-top, is to try and do as much as you can at school- and I know that your friends can be a distraction- but trust me! Work as hard as you can! So another thing to do is use different coloured pens/ highlighters to get you to easier, you can underline what you need and stuff! So apparently if you spray an odd smell in the room, or chew gum when you are studying, and then do the same right before a test it will help (I have know clue if it actually works, but ya know) another thing is revise and write things down, I find that it’s easier to remember something if I’ve seen it on paper.

So that was kinda boring, but bare with! Tomorrow i’m going to try and do a baking one if I have time!


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